Stephen Harper keeps insulting the people’s intelligence: He prorogues the parliament, then says no-one cares, but WE DO CARE, and WE DO UNDERSTAND the importance of parliament in a PARLIAMENTARY DEMOCRACY!

He abolishes the long-form census, saying it is too intrusive. But we understand the importance of the census even if he doesn’t.

He spends oner 1 billion dollars on a photo-op at the G20, and in defense repeats the lame excuse of “showcasing Canada to the world”. This, a mere few months after Canada hosted the winter Olympics! This insults our intelligence.

His minister, Bev Oda alters a documents, then when faced with questions at question period sits silently without answering anything day after day, and ONLY answers when faced with contempt. We DO understand, and we very certainly care.

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When cronyism and influence peddling just aren't enough...

Posted by Ted Chartrand on March 21, 2011 at 8:39 am Integrity Comments Off
Mar 212011

Honestly, folks, it’s enough to make you wanna scream and claw your face!!

“In-and-Out” Scheme: It’s an administrative thingie. Everyone does it. Nothing to see here people.

“Bev Oda’s Mumble-Jumble”: The Minister has been clear. She made a courageous decision. Move along now.

“Stupid on Crime” agenda: Well, you can’t put a price on crime, can you? Besides, the cost is a state secret. You understand, right?

Tony’s “Tiger Move” on the Census: We just don’t have enough room in our prisons. You know we’re right.

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